In early 2012, Todd Kramer met with friends and their 6-month old daughter for lunch. For the next 2 hours, he kept on hearing phrases such as, “Where is that?” or “I thought I put that there?” It was then and there that Todd decided that he would put his skills as a bag designer to use in order to help his friends and make a better diaper bag that would aid in simplifying their lives.

A small project soon grew into casual observations on how parents used and organized their diaper bags. These observations were confirmed in focus groups that supported the need to start a company.


Bluekiwi is dedicated to enhancing the childcare experience and to supporting
the organizational and lifestyle needs of all childcare providers


Developing a single bag for multiple people is one of our primary goals
We learned that some of the biggest challenges faced by care providers were when:

- Mom would give the bag to Dad for the day

We found that Dad would often remove the baby items from the original diaper bag and would place them into a generic messenger bag or backpack that more fit his style.

- The caregivers’ personal items would get mixed up with the baby items

Since there was no clear division of space within the bag, it was very difficult for the caregiver to find his or her personal items quickly and easily. As a result, caregivers would ultimately end up carrying 2 bags, one bag for themselves and another bag for the baby.